Commercial Grade



GlowTech Commerical-Grade Glow Stone established the glow performance benchmark for professional-use glow stone in 2010. Since then, GlowTech Commerical-Grade Glow Stone has remained the go-to glow stone for homeowners and concrete contractors who require a moderately priced, high performance glow stone. These glow stones will glow for over 10 hours after just 10 minutes of sunlight.

These glow stones will glow for over 8-10 hours after just 5-30 minutes of sunlight

GlowTech Commerical-Grade glow stone is specially formulated to outperform ANY and ALL other types of glow marble, glow stones or glowing glass chips commonly found on the internet – GUARANTEED!

5-30 minutes of exposure to daylight

*Charging range will be very depends on
light intensity and stone’s colour

Lifetime until 20 years

*GlowTech will continue to function in a cementitious or resin-epoxy matrix 20+ years, tested since 2010

Specification Detail

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Complete with 4 sizes

12 mm

8 mm

4 mm

2 mm

4 Colours

Aqua Blue

Sky Blue

Emerald Yellow

Plasma Purple

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Glow Stone User Manual

Integrated into polished concrete, exposed aggregate
concrete, terrace, and cement/plaster overlays, etc.

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