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Remember – Once it’s in concrete there’s no going back. Glow Tech, Glow Stone are the highest performing, non-toxic photo-luminescent aggregates in the world. Our SUPER-LUMINOSITY ULTRA Grade, resin-based glow stone feature 60%-75% higher luminosity & glow duration than ANY OTHER glass glow chip, glow marble or plastic glow pebble on the market today. Unlike glass glow stone, Glow Tech Glow Stone have no sharp edges. They neither shrink nor expand in concrete – even in the most extreme of weather conditions!

IF you are planning to add glow stone or any glow products to your concrete project, DO NOT compromise your project vision by trying to save a few dollars and buying cheap, hobby-grade glowing glass chips or glow marble.

Our Product is Photo-luminescent different from the Common Phosphor! The Life Span of GlowTech is 20+ years or GlowTech will continue to function in a cementitious or resin-epoxy matrix for 20+ years.


Having both commercial and ultra grade, our glow stones have established the glow performance benchmark for both professional and industry standard since 2010. Our Commercial glow stones will glow for over 8-10 hours, and even longer for our Ultra grade (10-12 hours+) after 5-30 minutes of sunlight.

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GlowTech Glowing Landscape River Rocks are made of 100% glow material and are not just cheap plastic glow pebbles or painted glow rocks. These high performance glowing river rocks will glow for over 10 hours after only 10 minutes of sunlight. They have been formulated to outperfom and and all other types of glow pebbles commonly found on the internet. We GUARANTEE IT!


Both ULTRA Glow Sands (fine and coarse) can be used integrally in light colored concrete, overlays, stuccos or grouts and GFRC spray mixes.

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Our Glow Epoxy coating creates an extremely hard surface with the highest luminosity chemically possible. For the moment, we only produce epoxy coatings based on custom order. If you require our glow epoxy product, kindly contact us to discuss about your project.

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