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GlowTech will continue to function in a cementius or resin-epoxy matrix 20+ years.

Absolutely not. Glow Stone well NOT shrink OR expand under any extreme environmental conditions from high desert heat to cold winter snow & ice conditions.

GlowTech is a non-toxic, non-radioactive photoluminescent aggregate.

GlowTech can be integrated into any type of design or structure which utilizes – cement, concrete, stucco, epoxy or resins. Visit the Projects section to see what others have done so far with GlowTech

GlowTech aggregate is off-white/light yellow in color allowing it to blend seamlessly into surfaces.

GlowTech can be used as a unique design element and/or a functioning, renewable ambient light source for ANY type of application ranging but not limited to:

Yes. GlowTech can be easily utilized to form shapes or logos using the same process used by terrazzo and epoxy professionals. Visit the Projects section to see what others have done so far with GlowTech.

GlowTech is high performance luminosity makes it suitable for marking Emergency Egress routes, Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic direction etc. (Please consult your local authorities for verification and approval for use.)

GlowTech can be purchased by contacting GlowTech directly via + 6221 33193 5123 or emailing glowtech@hasudagroup.com.

Photo Luminescence is essentially the absorption of energy derived from light and radiates it back. Where this process does not involve electricity both at the beginning and end of the process.

Source of energy required by Photo Luminescent are all sources of light source, such as light bulbs, UV light and sunlight. The process consists of absorption and re-transmitting the incoming light immediately and continuously until it runs out of energy (unstoppable). Where recharge means filling or reabsorb the energy of the incoming light.