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If there’s anyone who knows concrete, it’s Tom Ralston of Tom Ralston Concrete who was named one of Concrete Decor Magazine’s Top 10 Individuals who continue to influence the concrete industry in a positive way.




For this particular pool deck project, Tom Ralston worked with AGT™ to create this stunning pool deck pictured below using  AGT™ Tumbled 3/4 (18mm) Glow Stone in Sky Blue

This product offers the ideal Glow Stone for barefoot traffic, as each tumbled stone has rounded-off edges, perfect for stairs, patios and pool decks that will gleam into the night. And, in AGT™ Sky Blue, provides the perfect shade and glow to reflect the starry night sky above. After only 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight, the glow stones will glow vividly for ten hours, and will continue to do so for decades, making AGT™ the best choice for concrete design, art projects and letting your creativity in instagram story.


Thinking of utilizing AGT™ Glow Stones, Glow Sand or Glow Coating for your concrete, terazzo or epoxy project?Click here for more color options and ideas to make your work glow without the use of electricity!


source : ambientglowtechnology