Posted by on October 12, 2016 in Glow News


The use of high performance glow stones in concrete and asphalt surfaces is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike the glowing pebbles and plastic glowing stars typically associated with arts and crafts applications, professional-grade glow stones will glow for over 10 hours after just 10 minutes of exposure to daylight. Ambient Glow Technology manufactures the highest grade of photoluminescent glow stones and glow sand in the world.

The biggest issue over the years regarding glow rocks and glow sand has been glow performance. How long do glow stones actually glow for. There are many online companies that state that their glow pebbles or glow stones glow for over 10 hours and in reality they don’t. Before spending a bunch of money on glow stones, We recommend you buy a sample of each and see how the glow intensity and duration compares with your own eyes. The truth is in the glow!

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