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Glow Sands

Features A Very Initial Luminosity and Long Glow Duration –
Perfect for cement-based mixes!

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Ultra Glow Fine

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Glow Stone

The highest performing

Glow Epoxy

Best luminance performance

Glow Rocks

More shining in the dark

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Glowtech product is equipped with



Glowtech product sustain glow for 20 years



Glowtech products are glowing in the dark for 8-12 hours nonstop.



Was use in more  than 38 countries in the world so you don’t have to worry about our quality.

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GlowTech In Megabuild Indonesia Expo

Keindahan sebuah bangunan, tentu didukung juga oleh berbagai elemen. Dari mulai dinding, atap hingga jenis material bangunan. Salah satu bahan bangunan yang sedang tren dan mulai berkembang saat ini adalah batu/pasir berkilau yang akan mempercantik suasana di rumah maupun kantor Anda. GlowTech merupakan salah satu perusahaan yang menyediakan batu/pasir berkilau berperforma tinggi. Perusahaan yang telah


Time to get working on those summer DIY projects! With only a few wonderful weeks of summer remaining, we know you’re using your weekends to finish up those projects you’ve been talking about all year!


The use of high performance glow stones in concrete and asphalt surfaces is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike the glowing pebbles and plastic glowing stars typically associated with arts and crafts applications, professional-grade glow stones will glow for over 10 hours after just 10 minutes of exposure to daylight.


If there’s anyone who knows concrete, it’s Tom Ralston of Tom Ralston Concrete who was named one of Concrete Decor Magazine’s Top 10 Individuals who continue to influence the concrete industry in a positive way.